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About the Greater Sacramento CREIA Chapter


Members of the CREIA Greater Sacramento Chapter subscribe to unparalleled service to the real estate community, buyers, and sellers. We believe in continuing education to increase skills and knowledge, and professionalism, which are the keys to success in providing quality professional services to our clients. Our dedication to clients is reflective in a level of service that meets client needs for an impartial, unbiased, and professional property evaluation. We look forward to fulfilling all of your real estate inspection needs.The CREIA Greater Sacramento Chapter is the largest chapter in the region with many professional inspectors in which to choose. The Greater Sacramento Chapter enjoys a long and proud history of producing many CREIA state board presidents and state officers. The Greater Sacramento Chapter is committed to providing exceptional continuing education and inspector training for real estate inspectors throughout the Central Valley.  A large percentage of home inspections in the Greater Sacramento region are performed by a CREIA home inspector.  Hiring a CREIA inspector reduces risk as home inspectors who voluntarily certify through CREIA subscribe to a high set of standards that lead the home inspection industry throughout the state.  CREIA Inspectors provide the technical expertise, skill, and knowledge for performing a home inspection above and beyond the skill level provided by general or specialty licensed contractors. Be careful to not confuse a licensed contractor with a home inspector. Home inspectors have specialized knowledge, training, and experience to provide home inspections. Many CREIA inspectors were previously licensed contractors and each would be happy to explain why being a licensed contractor does not necessarily provide the expertise needed to be a real estate inspector.

Home Inspection: There are no licensing requirements for home inspectors in California, and anyone can claim to be a home inspector. Therefore, buyers must exercise extreme care and cautious consideration before hiring just anyone. Individuals may claim to be “Licensed” or “Certified” inspectors. CREIA Certified Inspectors (CCIs) and Master CREIA Inspectors (MCIs) must pass a technically rigorous examination process and must maintain their certification status with 30 hours of continuing education each year. Ask to see their CREIA identification badge. Insist on a home inspector that is invested in the real estate inspection profession and is abreast of the latest developments in the technical and fast-paced business of home inspection.  CREIA membership is voluntary and demonstrates a dedication to continuing education and adherence to standards of practice and a code of ethics.

Perhaps the Legislature of the State of California stated it best, "It is the intent of the Legislature that, in ascertaining the degree of care that would be exercised by a reasonable competent home inspector pursuant to Section 7196 of the Business and Professions Code, the court may consider the standards of practice and code of ethics of the California Real Estate Inspection Association…”

Buyer's Inspection: The CREIA Certified Inspector (CCI) and the Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) have the specialized knowledge and experience to perform a home inspection and produce a written report outlining material defects discovered in the building's systems and components, and to recommend appropriate action. CREIA inspectors provide home inspections for home buyers as well as sellers. A home inspection by a Certified CREIA Inspector protects and serves the needs of buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals equally. Whether you are buying, selling, or recommending a home inspector, choose a qualified CREIA Certified Inspector or Master CREIA Inspector. Click here for the publication on How to Choose a Home Inspector. 

Listing Inspection: CREIA Certified Inspectors (CCI) and Master CREIA Inspectors (MCI) provide home inspections for sellers as well as home buyers. Many smart sellers, with encouragement from their real estate agents, are now choosing to do the home inspection at the beginning of the sales process. Providing a home inspection up front at the time you negotiate and accept an offer is the best way of avoiding costly delays and surprises during the escrow process. The number of surprises is reduced, both for the buyer and the seller. Fewer surprises mean less opportunity for disagreement and less likelihood that the transaction will fall apart. It also gives the seller an opportunity to make appropriate repairs at the beginning, so that the home will potentially show better and/or bring a better price. An early inspection may make your property increasingly marketable and reduce the expense of negotiating repairs later. A home inspection that is provided up front from your independent and respected CREIA home inspector will allow you to avoid further negotiation in the middle of the escrow period where the buyer is in a stronger position on the defects discovered in the inspection report.The home inspection process is designed to protect and serve the needs of buyers, sellers, and real estate agents equally. When defects are not disclosed, by the seller or detected on an inspection, then all parties are vulnerable to difficult and protracted negotiations that could end up costing a lot of time, money, and sleepless nights. Real Estate agents and sellers do themselves a terrible disservice if they use an under-qualified inspector that may miss something or a biased inspector that may minimize or under-report the importance of a serious defect. That is when transactions can blow up in everyone’s face. Remember that most transactions that end up in court name all parties to the transaction as well as the Real Estate professionals and the home inspector as defendants. Our objective is to protect all parties to the transaction through a thorough inspection intended to discover material defects. When material defects are missed by the inspector, or not disclosed by a seller, all parties to the transaction pay a high cost. Whether you are buying, selling or recommending a home inspector, make sure you use a qualified CREIA Certified Inspector.

New Construction Inspection: The The Greater Sacramento Chapter of CREIA also has highly qualified inspectors who can inspect the new home you are buying or building. Relying on the city inspector to find all the defects in your new home may not be realistic. City inspectors have a very short time allotted for each inspection they do in a single day. City inspectors do their best in a short period of time and have a narrower focus on the scope of work. CREIA has addressed these shortcomings by developing the CREIA New Construction Specialist designation that includes a rigorous education and testing program. CREIA inspectors with this designation have passed the International Code Council’s (ICC) Combination Dwelling Certification Test, ICC. These are the same tests taken by many city inspectors. To obtain this designation, inspectors must pass all four tests (Building, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing). Your new home deserves the attention a qualified CREIA New Construction Specialist can provide.

Real Estate Agents: The CREIA Greater Sacramento Chapter provides programs and speakers who are available to your Real Estate office. We can offer qualified speakers to provide education to those in your local office on the home inspection topic of your choice.

Commercial Inspection: Many of the CREIA Greater Sacramento Chapter members have high levels of experience and are capable of filling your commercial real estate inspection needs. We can offer professional inspectors who can inspect a broad range of properties including apartment buildings, high-rise condos, and commercial properties. Be sure to check with your CREIA inspector for further information and recommendations.

Master CREIA Inspector: CREIA developed the Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) certification to recognize more experienced inspectors who have exhibited a high degree of knowledge of building standards by passing either a special CREIA MCI examination or a combination International Code Council exams, and must have performed 1,000 verifiable inspections. These accomplishments typically take several years as a full time inspector to attain.

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