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CREIA's online study group for the NHIE is back!  Study group meets on Mondays and is available for CREIA members.  Go to www.creia.org for more information.

Upcoming Toolbox

Our next Toolbox is set!  We are having an Electrical Toolbox on Saturday September 21st.  Steve Bossermann has been working for over 6 months, prepping for it.  He will have  sub panel display to show the difference between neutral and grounds being bonded and not and the effects on safety and equipment.  Leon Francesconi will have a display of old panels and breakers to view common problems with older equipment.  

This toolbox presentation will take you from basic through intermediate levels of inspecting residential electrical systems. The course will begin with terminology & definitions, then cover what to look for when inspecting service panels and service entrance conductors & clearances, proper grounding & bonding, bonding of neutrals after the service, panel types & unacceptable panel locations, CTL panels, feeder wire types, circuit breaker issues, older / obsolete panels, fuses, ungrounded receptacles / upgrading to grounded receptacles, history & requirement for GFCIs, AFCIs, CAFCIs & DFCIs, aluminum wiring issues & acceptable corrections, appliance & equipment disconnects, significant electrical code date timeline, inspection techniques & safety procedures, inspection tools.

All inspectors who attend will receive a comprehensive PDF handout with NEC code timelines designed for the home inspection every inspector needs to know.  

Inspectors will likely be referencing this handout on every inspection!  You don't want to miss this.

Price is $95.00 for 6 CECs.  The Toolbox hours are 9 am - Noon, then 1 pm - 4 pm with lunch on your own.  Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning.

 Location:  Sun River Church, 11223 Trinity River Dr., Rancho Cordova

Gas Appliance Safety Training (pdf)


Previous Toolboxes

Whole House Inspection Toolbox


We had a great time with our whole house inspection toolbox on Saturday, June 22.  

The whole house inspection is a great way to discover how other inspectors inspect, how they report findings, what other inspectors see, and to ask questions in a friendly environment.  It is a great way to share knowledge.  And everyone learns something, even experienced inspectors!

The house had additions, a spa, sub panels, and a crawls space.  A perfect, well-rounded house to inspect.

Thank you Leon Francesconi for finding the house and thank you Dan Sherrets, Leon Francesconi, Terry Brown, and Bo Grebitus for writing the report and presenting to all attending members!